The Dad Network is one of the fastest growing community of dads both online and offline, in the UK.

Spearheaded by Al Ferguson, The Dad Network combines a personal blog with an ever-growing community of dads. Created as a personal outlet for Al Ferguson following a devastating miscarriage on his wedding day, The Dad Network has gone on to provide support to thousands of dads across the world.

The Dad Network now has a myriad of contributors writing & vlogging about their experience of parenthood; from a dad’s perspective. In a world saturated with mobilised mums taking social media by the scruff of the neck and casting a mum’s net over parenting, The Dad Network is seeking to fill the ‘dad void.’ Of course, it’s us dads that make those everyday decisions on how to raise our children as well.

The Dad Network is made up of a few various components. Click on the links below to find out more.

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It’s these core values that determine every conversation we have with other dads. They determine how we run and admin our closed network of dads. They determine how we run our charity and how we promote and sell in our shop. They’re the cornerstone for when we meet up in local groups around the world and they also provide a foundation when we’re working with brands to promote products and services to parents.

It’s clear to us that we’re making a difference to the lives of thousands of dads and that means we’re doing what we set out to do. If you don’t believe me, just see what dads from the network are saying:

The Dad Network has grown significantly on social media and has built up an amazing following of wonderful parents, both mums, and dads. Across all platforms, over 1 million parents are reached from week to week.

About Al & Jen:

The Dad Network was founded by Al, with the support of his wife Jen. They live in Kent in the UK and have a 3-year-old son called Teddy who enjoys throwing ping pong balls and treading on ‘eye eyes’ (snails) for most of the day.