Al Ferguson

author-alAl Ferguson is the spritely age of 26 and lives in Kent in the UK. He is married to his gorgeous wife (and hot mum), Jen and now has a brand new baby boy called Ted. Al is the founder & editor of The Dad Network. He really likes sports, eating and mountains!

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Mathew Lajoie

author-alMathew Lajoie is a writer and stay-at-home-dad. With his wife and four-year-old-son he is adapting to his new(ish) life in Toronto one city block at a time. If he’s not spending time with his family or writing, Mathew can be found skateboarding, golfing or enjoying a nice glass of wine. You can read more of his musings about parenting on his blog, “…”. You can also find Mathew on Facebook and Twitter.

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Matt Orlando

author-alMatt is a 30 something year old runner, father to two sons, and husband from New Jersey. He runs, a website dedicated to the good, bad, and ugly of running, parenting, and all the life in between. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Rob P

author-alI’m Rob and I’m a 41 year old Yorkshireman living in Kent with my wife, two sons and a dog. I’m a pretty average bloke with a pretty average life who every so often steps out of the box and wants to push the envelope. I love the ‘great outdoors‘ and I am keen to share this passion with my growing sons by just getting out there whenever and however!

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Pete Cataldo

author-alA reformed sports media junky, Pete left his job as a television sports anchor to pursue a career in public relations. And then he realized that industry sucked even worse than the media. So it was back to the creative realm as a professional voiceover actor at where he and his wife, Angela, work from their home studio in a tiny Manhattan apartment, providing a voice for commercials, documentaries and pretty much anything that requires awesomeness. In addition to writing about his journey into fatherhood at DaddyMindTricks, Pete also provides insight into the world of health and fitness as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. He’s also the proud daddy of newly-born daughter Giuliana.

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Ryan Howe

author-alRyan is a UK based sports, gaming & music enthusiast Dad of one, he wishes he had a body like Thor but in reality it’s more like Swamp Thing. Trying to raise his son to appreciate the nerdy things in life and to feel comfortable with who they both are. If he sees a good chance for a photograph Ryan will normally take it.

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Kevin Wagar

author-alKevin Wagar is a family adventure travel expert and multimedia designer based near Toronto, Canada. When he isn’t designing creative marketing programs for some of the world’s top brands, he can be found traipsing the world with his wife and two young sons bathing in Icelandic waterfalls, scouring volcanoes in Colombia or racing down sand dunes in Jordan. He writes about his travels and experience with family adventure travel at

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Andy Robinson

author-alI look after children on the autistic spectrum in a residential home by day, and by night I am a daddy to a hilarious daughter, and a husband to an equally funny wife. Writing is a passion of mine — my light-hearted daddy blog is well received from friends. I contribute articles to the Huffington Post and for the Tinies Childcare agency. I am an avid Manchester United fan from West Sussex! (ex-season ticket holder before mortgages and paying for nappy’s took over).

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James Sinclair

author-alJames is from Oklahoma but now resides in Upstate New York. He is a veteran of the Navy, where he served as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marine Corps. He and his wife are older parents, having their first child when they were in their 40’s. He is an outspoken critic of officiating in sports (read “he yells at the TV during football”) and is master of the art of grilling (only according to everyone who has eaten at his house). A former Bouncer and Bartender, he now pays the bills as a Security Manager for a commercial agriculture company. He and his wife Danielle are the proud parents of a single daughter who is the light of his life.

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David Shaul

author-alJust an average Dad taking on the world.

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