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As it’s my first Father’s Day with Ted, I thought there wouldn’t be anything better than simply listing the things I love about being his dad.

I love being a dad. I mean, obviously there are (a lot of) moments where I don’t know the time of day (or night) and I’m so tired that I put my shoes on the wrong way round without realising but, on the whole, I love being a dad.

As Father’s Day arrives, I thought I’d share a post listing 10 things I love about being a dad. Father’s Day has all sorts of meanings for all sorts of different dads. One thing that all (if not, most) dads have in common, is that there are many things that we love about being a dad.

It’s a tricky business refining it down to just 10, but I’m going to do my best.

  1. I love it when the boy snugs his head into my neck. Ted is too much of a fidget to spend a long time cuddling, so those moments when he does are even more special.
  2. Having an excuse to be silly without any judgement! Silly voices, silly dances and silly behaviour is generally frowned upon in most adult situations. Your boss probably wouldn’t take too kindly to you talking in your attempted Scottish accent and the cashier in Marks & Spencer would just get irritated if you turned your purchases into an aeroplane, crash landing on the counter. Add a baby into the mix and suddenly all becomes acceptable!
  3. I love that my OCD has been challenged. Being a dad leaves very little room for OCD. Am I saying it’s a fool proof cure, no. But it goes a long way to making me cope with a small bit of bright orange baby food on my nice cream carpet. *shivers
  4. Making the boy smile. When he does those huge great big smiles, I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction of a good job, well done. If Ted is happy, then so am I and the universal sign of happiness, a smile, is all I need as evidence.
  5. Dinner times. Seeing the boy enjoy his food is better than eating a full roast dinner, washed down with a pint of beer myself! What could be better than a knowing your son has a full belly.
  6. I love that thing he does when he peers around to try and make eye contact with me. I reckon that all dads have something about their children that just makes their heart skip a beat. For me, it’s when he does this.
  7. Coming home from work. Well, I always enjoyed coming home from work but when you have a child to come home to, it changes that enjoyment into excitement and anticipation.
  8. I love my wife. This may sound like an odd one but hear me out. Since the boy was born, I have fallen in love with my wife in a whole different way. Seeing her with him is simply the best thing I could ever lay my eyes on. I love the way she is so patient and tender with him. I love the way she loves him. And above all, I love the fact that she’s his mum. And a bloody good one at that!!!
  9. Having larger portions. This is not a good idea if you’re trying to get fit, but having a baby limits the time you get to eat. So my mentality is simple, and I learnt it from an ex-SAS soldier; stock up when you can because you don’t know when your next meal will be. I enjoy food at the best of times and having an excuse to double my portions is wonderful.
  10. Writing the boy’s adventures. A friend said to me that being a dad means you get to write your kids adventures. I like that. I get to influence this little chaps adventures as he navigates his way through life. It’s an overwhelming and terrifying responsibility, but also an honour.

I could go on writing the things I love about being a dad, but you’d get bored and the keyboard batteries would wear out and the price of batteries is unbelievable!

I’d love to hear from you about what you love about being a dad?

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    • Al Ferguson on

      The problem is that once i get Ted to laugh – i keep doing it until he’s bored! serious case of over-kill. I just love it so much :)

  1. That’s a lovely list! Love the last one about writing his adventures. That’s so true! Happy father’s day (about a week too late!) and thanks for hosting the #bigfatlinky

  2. I’m not a dad but particularly love being silly without judgement…i am going to try to continue this for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Until my son disowns me probably. And number 10…you’ve summed up exactly what i feel when I introduce a new experience to him, i’ve been trying to find the words to explain it and that’s it. Lovely fathers’ day post. #bigfatlinky

  3. I love the comments and insights my kids make that help me see the world in a different perspective. It is refreshing to see things through kids’ eyes. #bigfatlinky

  4. Spot on Al… other than dinner time I couldn’t agree more. Dinner time is great as far as the social aspect goes..the 4 of us sitting at the table and sharing our favorite parts of the day and a few laughs is great but man my boys can be challenging at the table. The oldest will eat anything but doesn’t want to feed himself and the youngest wants to feed himself but is super picky.

    Making them smile is great. That moment I walk in the door after work is amazing and I couldn’t agree more about falling more in love with my wife. I also really enjoy bath time and teaching them new things and those pay off moments when they catch on. Nice post Ted!!

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