Baby mountaineering


I love the mountains. The fresh air. The views. The forced perspective of being small. The endlessness. The thought of being at the top having achieved something. 

So I googled how old the youngest person to summit Mt Snowdon was. Turns out, this is what I found. 
Maybe during the winter, this is crazy. But in my mind, I can’t wait to get up to the summit of various mountains…with Rex. Whether I carry him, or whether we go when he’s walking. I want to share my interests with him. Father and son doing father and son things. That thought is what screams louder about parenthood than anything else to me. I just can’t wait to do things together, and I do hope that we have similar interests. If I start him early, hopefully sport will just be second nature to him. (Is that wrong?) 
It must be every fathers idea to have a common interest and share that time with their son/daughter. To have that friendship as well as a parenting relationship, I think, is really important. 
I think that on top of a mountain is the perfect place for these kind of bonds to build. The wife is less keen for me to take Rex up a mountain, but hey, dads have babies too, right? And that sense of adventure that all men seek is vital, especially with their kids. 

I’ve got a race scheduled for 7 weeks after the due date. It’s called Man VS Mountain. A 20 mile race, up to the summit of Snowdon from sea level, then down the other side via an array of natural obstacles, including the ‘vertical kilometre.’ I had entered last year, but the miscarriage said otherwise. I think that this race might be a bit too soon for Rex, but at some point, we’ll get up there!

Check it out… Looks unbelievable! Can’t wait! 


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