A Dads Guide to the 13 Best Baby Toys in the World


Best Baby Toys

Keeping a baby happy is essential to parenting. It’s also essential to getting through the day. And the night. Generally speaking, it’s advised to try and keep your baby happy more often than not.

So toys are essential to reach this goal of a happy baby. Toys keep them amused, keep them preoccupied, keep them entertained and of course, let’s not forget to help their development. That’s why you need to make sure you have the best baby toys on the market. No scrimping, no cutting corners, get them the best and you’ll reap the benefits. To help you achieve this, we’ve done the donkey work for you. Here is a list of the best baby toys in the world. No matter what else you get your baby, it will not be as good as these toys. Are you ready?

#1 The TV Remote

#2 Your house keys

#3 Your iPhone / smart phone

#4 A knife and fork

#5 Power cables for the TV / Hifi / Laptop

#6 The house phone

#7 Computer Keyboard

#8 The stairs

#9 A glass of water

#10 A cardboard box

#11 A toilet roll

#12 Sunglasses (especially expensive ones)

#13 Stones

Give your baby or toddler any of these items and you can guarantee at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet. But wait, I know what you’re thinking… You reckon that you can get all of these items in child friendly versions from the Early Learning Centre or Galt or Ambi or Argos and you’d be right. But your baby will not be fooled. You’ll spend a fortune getting them a brightly coloured plastic iPhone with flashing lights and noises but they’ll know. How they know, I have no idea but they do.


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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Yes! Why is that? Ours knows the difference between a broken, old remote and the proper one too. His favourite is the keys and now he’s mobile and like to post things so leaving for work on a morning is a bit of an adventure.


  2. We tried giving our kids a dummy remote control for the TV but they weren’t fooled. And what is it with stones?? I could relate to every item on this list! Thanks for sharing! #bigfatlinky

  3. I bought 2 baby mobile phones…waste of time! She does play with them but if mine is around, I may as well forget it! They are too clever these little ones. I have lost a couple of pairs of sunnies too…always go cheap now xx Thanks for hosting Al x #bigfatlinky

  4. Haha, yep! A plays with toys for a grand total of 30 seconds before harassing me for whatever non-exciting product I’m holding and my handbag is his favourite. #bigfatlinky

  5. Yes, Al, your list is pretty accurate. In fact it applies up until school age in my experience….although it was me that broke my wife’s Dior sunglasses by sitting on them. Thanks for hosting #BigFatLinky

  6. Oh gosh – glad it isn’t just our house. We even gave one of our children their own ‘spare’ sky remote. – identical the actual one yet he still wants the one with batteries in! #bigfatlinky

  7. Great list… hilarious coz it’s true… However you missed ‘rubbish’ Empty crisp packs and juice cartons are a firm fav here!

  8. Totally agree 100% to these ones… makes you wonder why they’re more interested with things we got at home which you think they would be interested the least, meanwhile the expensive toys we bought were left being untouched and just collecting dust. Great post here! Made me giggle a lot… #bigfatlinky

  9. So true! They’re clever little buggers. I even gave little miss an old smartphone. It’s a real phone! But even that didn’t work. How do they know?! I’ll add to that list magazines. Any magazines are a big hit in our household! #bigfatlinky

  10. All the above and the toilet brush. I totally failed at convincing my bubs to play with a toy iphone, even though I bought the same colour as mine. #bigfatlinky

  11. HaHa! I remember when my youngest was just starting to get mobile and I had bought him two different toy phones so he would leave mine alone, I also did that with keys. I even bought the musical phone and the musical keys and he still only wanted my phone and my keys. It is uncanny and mind boggling how they can tell the difference at such a young age. The human mind is just that amazing! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from #thebigfatlinkyoftheweek

  12. The variant for the box one is the box that whatever it is you bought them came in! There’s something about a box! Thank you for hosting and have a lovely week.

  13. Your iphone.. why do they like it so much? If I hear my phone buzzing through an incorrect password one more time today, it may completely break. If hes not trying to get “hotwheels” on youtube like his brother, hes listening to my alarm tones as “music”..

  14. Haha yes this is so true! Emma very quickly realised the TV remote with the batteries taken out didn’t work and it was therefore no fun to play with :) thanks for hosting #bigfatlinky

  15. Great list Al! It’s like the old saying for Christmas: Buy your kids all the most expensive toys in the world and all they want to play with is the boxes. #bigfatlinky

  16. I lived in Mongolia with my eldest son until he was nearly two and there were, literally, no toys. (Well, actually, there were some cheap Chinese ones that were clearly lethal and met no manufacturing standards whatever which the Chinese traders were offloading on unregulated Mongolia market stalls – but we chose not to purchase those!) Aside from the few bits we could fit in a suitcase, he played with junk. Empty Pringles packets (make a great noise if you put something in them!), a rice box instead of a sand pit, a sit-on blanket that we pulled along the wooden floors while he held on for dear life…. He has grown up to be an intelligent and well-rounded teenager. Toys are great if you want to buy them, but kids will find play in everything!

  17. Mine isn’t interested in keys, possibly because I’m trying to give him the keys to play with. maybe I should try keeping his toys away and then he might actually want to play with them. Also the fruit bowl is always a source of fascination to a 17 month old who is far too good at climbing for his own good. The melon is not a football.FFS. #bigfatlinky

  18. Our 6 month old can do things on the Ipad that I can’t! I’m note sure he knows what he’s doing, but I could be wrong! A cup of tea is a good one too, he’s far too interested in a hot cup of tea..

  19. Yep, so often the scattered plastic detritus will be ignored in favour of any of the above. A wooden spoon and a saucepan is another fave in our house.

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