Christmas Gifts for Babies

Gifts for Babies

I know exactly what you’re thinking! Babies have no concept of Christmas, and therefore there is no need for any presents. I am the same. But, there are 2 things to consider:

    1. You will still get some enjoyment giving a gift to your baby. Especially if it’s their 1st Christmas ever. You kind of have to give something. I got Ted an engraved pen knife! Obviously not for himself to use, but something sentimental that he will always treasure. Perhaps the start of a tradition!
    2. This is an opportunity for your to get some ‘baby’ things that you need!

Check out the list below and you’ll see a healthy mix of ideas that will fall under one of these 2 categories.

Star Projector

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 22.57.13

This star projector from Qwerkity is a nightlight with a difference. It also has 7 soothing sounds to help keep your baby asleep. Ted has had rain & ocean sounds from the day he was born and it’s been a massive help.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 23.43.27

Some new shoes. They won’t know that you used up one of their gifts on a pair of necessary shoes, so make the most of it. Bobux are our absolute favourite shoe brand to date, You must take a look.

Disney Princess Toys

007602_Snow White Magic Mirror

This is a Snow White Magic Mirror, from Chicco, complete with charming melodies and an interactive electronic Snow White Cottage with lights and sounds. Suitable for 6 months+ it seemed to be a good fit. Get the indoctrinated by Disney early on, right? Grab one online here.

Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor


The Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor is ideal for parents and family members who can’t be around their new-born as much as they’d like. Paired with the innovative Hubble app, whether you’re working late in the office or halfway across the world, using your log in details you can access the monitor, and with the two-way microphone can also take part in the bedtime story.

Ellas Kitchen


Ella’s Kitchen have released a Christmas Dinner food pouch! Delicious. Ted loves getting stuck into his so make sure that your baby doesn’t mis out on a turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings on the big day.

Baby T-Rex


This isn’t just me including a cute T-Rex toy because when Ted was in the womb his nickname was Rex! Honest…! Either way, this is a great little toy for any baby. Grab this one from Amzon



This is a handy little invention for the nursery from Snappybin. You know those occasions when you have to have 5 hands? 2 to hold the bag open, 1 to wipe and 2 to hold the legs out the way… this bin at least removes the need for the 2 bag holding hands. It’s really neat and folds flat. You won’t have many years where you can buy things that you need for the baby, so make the most of it.

Star Wars Cuddly Yoda

Yoda (2)

No matter what anyone says, you’re never too young to get in to Star Wars. So get your baby this cute, cuddly Yoda from Born Gifted this Christmas and enjoy the new film once it’s out!

Toby Tiger

Christmas for a baby is a good time to stock up on baby clothes. And where better to look, than Toby Tiger. Check out these gorgeous clothes.

Brio Railway


A classic baby toy that will last them up until they reach double figures. I had hours of fun playing with Brio and I can’t wait for Ted to enjoy it to. We’ve looked for some great deals and this is the best place we found to get stocked up with some track and trains.


So there’s plenty of ideas to get you started for your baby’s Christmas. Make sure you take a look at our Christmas gift guide for kids and if you still need some inspiration, here’s another great gift guide for babies.