How to Increase Traffic to your Blog


How to increase traffic

It’s what we all want to know really and it’s also what we all wish would happen over night.

How to increase traffic to your blog” is the hidden jewel of the world wide web. If someone knew a guaranteed answer, they’d make a lot of money for sure.

The trouble is, it doesn’t happen over night and it takes an awful lot of effort & time. Sure, you can spend some money to promote your site on social media and google ads etc, but what you want to make your site successful is real, authentic, organic traffic.

There’s no magic formula I’m afraid and it’s something that I wish I knew more about. However, we have done our research and we’ve implemented a few ideas and slowly but surely, traffic has started to increase. So what we’ve done is write down what we’ve discovered. It’s not a fool proof guide or fact or guaranteed to work, but it might just give you something to think about in order to help you get a few more hits to your blog each month.

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We are by no means blogging experts and every day we learn more and try new things out. We’ve talked about setting goals for your blogs before and how to improve your blog which I hope were useful. You can add this one to our collection of blogging tips as well.

We’d love to know what you think, especially if you have any ideas to add?



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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Great tips – thank you! I wish there was a magic formula though (sigh!) But you are right, hard work and persistence is the answer – and it’s amazing how quickly you can at least see small progress. I’m doing some of these, but not all (and some not enough!) so you’ve given me lots to think about – thanks!

  2. Brilliant tips, thank you. There are a couple of things which I haven’t tried on V Family Fun yet, I’d really like to run a giveaway but the thought of asking companies to donate a prize makes me too nervous!

  3. Very helpful! Although I have 2 questions…what do you mean by forums? and SEO? What is that exactly, Ive seen it talked about but really never explained. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask!!

  4. This is great! Thanks for posting. And it’s so true. I’ve had so much more traffic to my blog since I joined twitter and instagram 2 weeks ago and I’m really enjoying being be part of the blogging community. Everyone is so supportive of each other ♡

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