Miriam Clegg : Men who look after children have more cojones


Miriam Clegg took over the micro phone from her deputy prime minister husband at a conference to speak about how dads who look after their children have ‘more cojones.’ I’ve attached a link to the main article from the telegraph, but it’s great to see people of potential influence speaking out about this. 

She went on to also say that it is ‘dinosaurs’ who think that men who care for their child have less testosterone and it makes you less of a man. It doesn’t, according to Mrs Clegg, and we at thedadnetwork agree! 

Nick Clegg also agreed and reiterated the point. They both said that this message should be stated ‘loudly and proudly.’ 

Dad bloggers all over the world should be over the moon with this happening. In a way, it’s what all dad blogs are promoting: that dads are as capable of looking after their children as mums and this should be recognised. What do you think? 

(Will this inspire me to vote lib dem….I’ll have to wait and see.) 


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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Great to see dads actually getting acknowledged. It’s a shame her husband doesn’t have the cojones to stop the coalition he is supposed to be a prominent member of shafting the country though…

  2. It is good to hear public figures speak out on this issue, and to see that the LibDems have done some good when it comes to shared parental leave. However, it’s a real shame that their senior coalition partners from the Conservatives haven’t exactly come out in vocal support of the changes.


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