Pops Pics #9


Another quirky picture from Pops Pics.

Anyone know what this chair might be for? I get locked out the house a lot from forgetting my keys but I don’t think I’d ever need a chair outside the door for those doorstep occasions!

Any other ideas?

I really like this photo. The colours are brilliant and the tiny purple flowers seem to compliment the blue door nicely.

What do you think?




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  1. What an amazing door. Is it a private house? Maybe they open their garden to the public and someone sits there to take the money? Well done, Pops :) #MySundayPhoto

    • Al Ferguson on

      Of course it’s for sitting on – I just don’t know many chairs next to doors – except in the US where they have those huge porches which have swing chairs on…

  2. I do love doors, but I always think I’ll get caught snapping photos of them!

    Love the colour on this one. Wonder what view’s behind it

  3. This door reminds me of a life size fairy door like the one in my girls bedroom. It is intriguing, leading to magical world perhaps?

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