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I’m going to spend a minute or 2 on my soap box! After all, this is the dad network. 

Whilst walking through the epicentre of all things baby, that is Kiddicare, I came across the above product. A sling/carrier to carry your baby around in that, apparently is made for mums. The company ‘made for mums’ have awarded/endorsed this product. I was almost about to purchase it until I read that. Close shave! I mean, perhaps it wouldn’t fit me? Or spontaneously combust as it registered a higher than normal testosterone level? Maybe as it brushed against my stubble the straps would tear? Or perhaps it just won’t fit over my broad shoulders? Maybe at the till it would refuse my card when it realises I’m a Mr? Maybe my bloody Adam’s apple will prevent me using it? I mean. There must be something that stops me from using it because I’m a man? 

Have I made my point? 

Bizarrely, this type product is usually very good at including dads. The Baby Bjorn and Stokke carriers have dads on the box and they’re actually smiling and seeming to enjoy themselves. 

Surely, in this age, we have to be aiming products at both mums and dads. Made for mums is not helping with this! I know this needs to involve a certain level of common sense. I think even I would be disturbed at the sight of a dad using a breast pump on the front of a Tommee Tippee packet! Maybe I need to start a ‘made for dads’ company? (There may already be one!)

And….breath…and step down off soap box! 



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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Yes, shopping can be so frustrating. The other day I saw an ad by beauty- and baby products company Weleda. They’re trying to sell their stuff with the slogan: Because Mums Know Best
    My answer: Because PARENTS Know Best. That’s dads included.

  2. Thanks for your comment Torsetn. Good to see it’s not just me encountering this madness! :)

    I like your post. Just heading over there now to leave a comment. I agree, parents is all encompassing.


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