How to Take Good Photos of Your baby


As the owner of a very famous baby photo… I think it’s only natural we talk about taking photo’s of babies.

Taking photo’s of your baby is easy but taking good photos of your baby is totally different thing. In this tutorial video, you’ll learn some top tips to make sure you get quality snaps of your precious bundle. With this ‘How to take good photos of your baby’ video, you’ll learn the following:

# How to create a setting / How to compose your picture on a budget.

# How to use your camera’s aperture settings effectively for babies.

# How to set your camera’s shutter speed correctly.

# The rule of thirds.

# How to set your camera’s ISO setting.

Plus some great advice from our professional photographer and new dad.

Babies aren’t babies forever so whilst they are, make sure you capture them on camera now.

So, enjoy the tutorial, learn some great tips and learn how to take good photos of your baby.

Check out Keith’s website here:

We filmed this video during a tutorial from Keith at his home. I knew nothing about DSLR cameras and certainly nothing about using one. But having spent time with Keith and going over the principles you’ve watched in the video, I am much more confident. Here’s a photo I took during the session.

the best newborn baby picture ever



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  1. Great post. I’ve got some awesome pictures of my two…Although I am incredibly lucky that both of my nieces are professional photographers. Although my two are now completely aware that they’re blogging children and know that I’ll snap and blog at the earliest opportunity….I still take as many as possible.

  2. I think I was granted 8 kids so that I might get it right in my photos eventually. Thank goodness I’ve got a grandson *and* vastly more forgiving and capable equipment. These are really good tips. I wish I’d known this before taking the four semesters of photography at university…they would’ve saved a lot of poorly framed photos!

  3. Great post, I’ve recently bought a new camera and am still trying to get to grips with aperture and ISO so this post has come along at the perfect time.

  4. Marvellous post! I need to get better the toddlers early days were caught on camera then iPhone, now we just use the camera on holidays! I need to get better!!!

    And its nice to now know the person behind that famous photo I’ve seen it everywhere!!!!

  5. I must say that this is slightly beyond my capabilities. I have always been a point and shoot person (I was going to say photographer, but realised that would be conferring a level of skill and expertise on myself that I do not possess!) and I grab the nearest phone or camera and try to catch the moment. I love the advice though and will try a bit harder next time to capture the perfect shot!

  6. Great post and what a gorgeous photo. I need to learn as much as I can about the settings on my DSLR sometimes it’s very hit and miss but I eventually get an ok shot most of the time. Loved this, thanks :)

  7. Pre-children I used to be really into photography. Now I just don’t seem to have as much time. I’ll definitely have to try and set aside some time to take proper photos rather than quick snaps with the phone. #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson on

      Exactly, and when you have a million and one things to take out the house with you, the camera bag is the last thing on the list!

  8. Great post! I can highly recommend this tutorial for budding new photographers. Looks like the training has paid off with that great shot Al.

    I have one more question for your teacher, which budget software editing package would he recommend for those of us that can’t afford the likes of Photoshop?

    • Al Ferguson on

      Thanks buddy! I’ll definitely ask him for you – if I haven’t come back to you shortly, give me nudge!

  9. Great post. I find Amelia just doesn’t stay still long enough for me to take photos. When she was just sitting my photo’s used to be much better now she runs away! I usually end up taking sooo many photos and sifting through hoping that one is good enough! Thanks for hosting the linky again!

    • Al Ferguson on

      That is the trick with kids – short shutter speed so you can capture them on the move!

  10. Great tips, I’ve always been snap happy although I have got to take out my actual camera more often as use my phone for pics too often! Thanks for sharing

  11. Great tips. I have gotten some good photos, but most have just been luck. The twins have yet to discover that i have turned them into “blogger’s children” as of yet, but i’m sure that when they do, they will make my life a living hell…lol

  12. Love this…I so agree about them not being babies for long, photos are such an awesome way of reliving memories – especially those tiny newborn shots, were they really that tiny?!

  13. Urban Mumble on

    Great tips! I need to get more active and take more photos of my second baby. The first one gets photographed all the time, the second and consecutive babies not so much. Maybe I will make it up in quality of photos with the help of this post :)

  14. Ahhh! This just reminds me that I finally need to take the time to learn how to use our nice camera properly. I could get such better pics. Thanks Al.

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