Ted’s Threads Issue #5


Another week of Ted’s Threads and this week he’s sporting more of our favourite outfits. I’m a big fan of stripes, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now; who knew there could be so many varieties! If I had my way, stripes would take over the world of baby fashion that’s for sure!


This Marks and Spencer baby grow is lovely. I really like dressing the boy in colours and at £5, you can’t go wrong! It’s an all in one but looks like I’ve matched together a two piece so thats a winner too.


With it being the Easter break we had to include our very own Easter Bunny. He doesn’t look too thrilled does he?! These 2 pieces aren’t from the same company but I think the colours go together well.  A romper from Panda & the Sparrow and some leggings from, yep, you guessed it, Gap.


The start of the bum shuffle! Ted is just starting to be on the move. Life is going to change very quickly from here on in! Here he is in his comfy Fred & Noah leggings. We just love the original patterns and combined with the thick stripes from Gap, he’s rocking the grey! The boots are from Gap too and we just couldn’t resist the suede! Affordable in the wonderful Gap sale! You can find Fred & Noah on Etsy UK.

Papucci FINAL

Horrifying isn’t it? Mess is something I just can’t do. Especially when it covers a gorgeous, organic cotton personalised T-shirt! Mind you, it’s nothing that won’t wash out. This T-shirt is part of an outfit from Papucci that has featured before, but I just love it. It is so soft and we can now say it washes very well too!

Benedita FINAL

We love going to Carluccios for brunch. It’s a real treat for us and Ted loves flirting with the staff there. Here he is wearing  his Benedita Beanie. You would be amazed at how many people ask about this hat when they see him out in it. We were stopped the other day in the street and had to actually type in to a lady’s phone where to get one from! Crazy! The baby grow is from Gap, our ‘go-to’ shop, and has a cool moose pattern! Sod the penguin craze, bring in the moose I say!


Another week delving into the ever expanding world of Ted’s wardrobe! Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. I’m a big fan of stripes too. I reckon it’s because they’re casual but still helps children look smarter.

    I love the moose baby grow. Gap really do some great baby wear, and if you catch the VIP offers or sales, they can be good value.


  2. I love Ted’s threads! His bobble hat is so awesome and the onesie he’s wearing is amazing, I may have to go search for it. Also love the stripy top with Fred & Noah leggings, drooling over here.

  3. TED! You have got such killer style! Every week you throw out some fab new outfits. I love it! The stripes and stars look great, especially in Red. The bunny ear photo cracks me up, Ted looks slightly unimpressed! How cute is that moose onesie. I always love seeing that beanie hat in your photos. We get lots of comments on any pom pom hats Isla wears…must be something about pom poms. Thanks so much for linking up with us again, we always look forward to your posts. Hope you’re having a great weekend :) x #weekendbabystyle

  4. Wow Ted has some great threads here! Love that title! His wardrobe is oh so trendy. I love kids clothes. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. #sharewithme

  5. He is just gorgeous. I can imagine him smiling at everyone in the restaurant. Love his Gap boots with the Fred and Noah leggings. I wish I had bought Sophie that moose babygrow from Gap at Christmas. Its brilliant.


  6. I love the baby grow from M&S, I’ll have to see if they have any in Osian’s size, I just realised he’s probably in the last size for babygrows so will need to get him a few! I love Ted’s Threads, he’d look lovely in anything, but he’s always dressed so nicely, such a happy little boy!

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