The Vlog Vault #1


Vlog Vault

Welcome to our brand new linky; The Vlog Vault


The aim of this linky is to simply flaunt and showcase the best vlogs around. It’s simple, if you’re a blogger with a vlog or a vlogger, then link up your YouTube videos here.

We’re fairly new to the vlogging scene, but really enjoying it. We’ve linked up our YouTube channel trailer this week but we’d love for you to link up your latest vlog. The idea is that, not only will we all gain some precious views and comments on our YouTube channels, but also pick up some subscribers along the way. So, the rules are simple:

#1 Link up your vlog

#2 Add the badge to your next vlog or somewhere on your blog (should you have one).

#3 Comment on the hosts vlog, and the linky post and watch some other vlogs in the linky. (Then comment on those too!)

#4 If you liked what you watch, subscribe!

#5 Tweet your link up and spread the word about the Vlog Vault!

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Fab link up Al even if I am still cringing at myself on screen + need to work out how to edit etc – thumbnail is awful 4 a start ha! I’ll subscribe to everyone, watch + add your badge to the youtube post on my blog in the am as I have 4% phone battery left + it’s bedtime! Stevie ☺

  2. Finally worked out how to link up :)
    Still unsure how to add badge though. Thanks for doing this Al. I’ll be subscribing to others and best get working on some new material lol

    • Also, I haven’t added the badge to my vlog, but it’s on my blog post about the video. Not sure if that’s okay, or what the best ways to use the badge in this situation is?

  3. The Giggles Family on

    Always late to the party but I’ve linked up! Found Phil Drew through it. So funny ;) Thanks for hosting

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