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The Venturer Elite S 11KT is a Hybrid Laptop, which conveniently fits in with the modern day world where the use for a tablet and a laptop is ever more required. The tablet part of the device connects to the keyboard via a magnetic hinge strip. The Magnetic force is great and really snaps the tablet into place.

The device weighs in at £250 – which upon comparing against other devices within its price range it specs up very well indeed. Happy days!

Manufacturer Specifications

Screen 11.6″ 1366 x 768 Pixels
Operating System Windows 10
Processor (CPU) Intel ® AtomTM (Up to 1.83GHz)
Display Multi Points Capacitive Touch Screen
Memory 2GB RAM
Storage 32GB Flash + 64GB Micro SD card included
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,
Bluetooth 4.0
Camera (MP) 2MP + 2MP (Front & Rear)
Sensor G-sensor
Connectors Micro SD, Micro USB (For Charging Only),
Mini HDMI,
DC Jack
Audio Speakers, Microphone
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours
Dimensions Approximately 300 x 185 x 11.6 (WxDxH) mm excluded keyboard
Approximately 300 x 190.5 x 26.8 (WxDxH) mm with keyboard
Weight Approximately 780g excluded keyboard,
1380g with keyboard
Accessories AC Adaptor
Detachable Keyboard Trackpad,
Angle Adjustable
Color options Gun Metal


The packaging that Venturer have provided for the Elite S is great. Nice big chunky foam bars with the device nicely placed in between, and a cardboard tubular box which holds the power cable, neatly packaged in a cloth draw card bag.

Initial Impression

On first look, the Elite S is a great device. It feels well put together, very sturdy and robust. Although it’s not the most attractive of it’s kind, I get the feeling that this is the kind of look that Venturer are going for. Very much a no-nonsense, do the business kind of aesthetic.

Although it’s not the most attractive of it’s kind, I get the feeling that this is the kind of look that Venturer are going for; very much a no-nonsense, do the business kind of aesthetic.

For the price, I don’t think there are many other alternatives that could compete against the Elite S. The performance is great, and the keyboard is really nice to the touch – I’d say beating devices like the surface pro.

Performance: Whilst the Elite S doesn’t boast huge amounts of RAM, it still manages to handle many applications at once very well. As you would expect, this is not a gaming device, although it will manage low-end or flash games.

I’ll let the rest of the review speak for the remaining factors…


As mentioned previously, it comes across that Venturer are very much going for a robustness in their design. The device feels well put together and solid. The keyboard is very nice to the touch – the keys press very well and the snap functions of the magnetic connection is nice and powerful (picture below).

The Elite S comes with an abundance of ports in comparison to its competitors as well as an SD expansion slot.

Good Points

  • Great keyboard
  • Robust design
  • Expandable storage
  • An abundance of ports
  • Excellent value for money

Bad Points

The Keyboard is much lighter than the tablet which promotes the issue of the device being top heavy and in some occasions falling back over. The hinge, whilst the magnetic attraction is brilliant, the hinge itself doesn’t quite rotate back enough and I found that the device would have benefited from another few degrees of rotation.

The Speaker is a single point on the tablet body and is a little tinny, but perfectly good for a device of this price range and audience.

Battery Life is stated at up to a rather optimistic 8 hours. I haven’t managed to get 8 hours out of the battery so far and feel that a real estimation would be up to 5 / 6 hours rather than 8.


Overall Rating

The Venturer Elite S receives an official Dad Network star rating of 4 / 5 stars


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