Warner Brothers Signs The Dad Network TV


We have some exciting news…


Over the last few months, we’ve been going back and forth and working super hard with one of the world’s largest TV & film companies (and my eyes are filled with tears whilst I type) as I can now share with you that The Dad Network TV have partnered with Warner Brothers.

THE Warner Brothers!

In case you’re unaware, Warner Brothers are responsible for massive, blockbusting films like The Lego Movie, Harry Potter, Tarzan, The Matrix and many, many more; as well as hit TV shows such as Gotham, The Middle, Desperate Housewives and the list goes on. And on.

They also have a show & brand called Supernanny. You’ve heard of it, right? We’ll be working closely with Warner Brothers and YouTube & Google experts to create fantastic content to not only sit on our own channel but also the Supernanny channel. That means 2 things:

  1. Our content is going to be fantastic with some amazing ideas coming out soon, so make sure you subscribe to the channel now!
  2. Our audience is now nearly 750,000 parents from around the world.

Our goal when we started The Dad Network was to give dads a voice and space to ‘be dads’ in the mummy-driven world of parenting; I don’t think you can get much of a bigger ‘dad’ voice and bigger space than sharing our experiences of fatherhood with 750,000 parents.

If I go back a few months, I would have been stood in a classroom teaching 30 children wondering what would happen if I gave up, became a stay-at-home-dad and made ago of The Dad Network. In that moment, I would have never dreamt of being signed by Warner Brothers. I’m hoping that this will continue to grow and show the world that dads have more to offer than a post of babysitting every now and again. ;)

I couldn’t be any prouder of the dads that are part of this network, from the 5000 in the private FB group to the 17 dads making wonderful videos for The Dad Network TV.

So, lastly, if you haven’t yet subscribed, you really should, because the next few months are going to be very exciting. We have some fabulous ideas in the pipeline that we’ll be sharing in due course and we want YOU to come and join us every step of the way.



About Author

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. David Bradburn on

    What fantastic news Al! Wow!!! Well done on securing this deal, I hope it brings all kinds of goodness to TDN ☺ x

  2. These types of deals don’t come around by chance, you’ve deserved this. Big achievement to you all

  3. This is absolutely fab news. I’m actually so pleased to hear that a dad group such as this has got this far. Dads need to be acknowledged just as much mums and this will certainly do it. I’d love to be a part of this and help in any way that I can.

    Well done :-).

  4. Congratulations … so pleased for you. Gotto open our hands to let go of what we hold, to receive new and better things, hey! I’m really pleased for you. All the best with the ride ahead.

  5. Huge Congratulations! So glad you took that leap of faith to focus on the Dads Network! I hope you and your family have many life-changing surprised ahead.

    • We have a number of vloggers signed to The Dad Network – at the moment, we’re not taking anyone else on but make sure you subscribe because we will be at some point, I’m sure.

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