Win a smarTrike 5 in 1 worth £150 – #swapyourstroller


Who needs a stroller when you’ve got a smarTrike 5 in 1? That’s the message that smarTrike are sending out to the world of parenting. With the brand new smarTrike Explorer 5 in 1, you don’t need to take your stroller out with you again. The smarTrike Explorer is designed to cater for all your needs, whether you’re popping to the shops, walking the dog or doing the school run.

The smarTrike has 5 settings to meet the needs of your developing baby. Take a look at this graphic and you’ll see what I mean:

smarTrike 5 in 1 explorer (red)

Ted really enjoys venturing out on his smarTrike. I like it because, at the moment, I have control over it with the handle. Having said that, I can’t wait for the day when he’s zooming round, peddling by himself.

IMG_6789 IMG_6795

It’s clear that this piece of kit has been well-designed with your baby/toddler in mind. It even has a reclining function resulting in your baby being able to catch some Zzzz’s when out n’ about.

This week (beginning 6th July) smarTrike are campaigning to swap your strollers for a smarTrike. Get your kids active on the school run or the dog walk. Check out the campaign in full, here.

So, to win one of these hot wheeled, bad boys, simply fill out the form below.
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smarTrike 5 in 1 explorer


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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dad Network.


  1. Wow this would be amazing to win be a great help already following and on mailing list thanks for the chance xx

  2. Thanks for this review- would love to swap the ‘tank’ for something like this in a few months when Little Chap is a bit bigger.
    Keep up the great site :)

    • Al Ferguson on

      What did you get him? Teddy’s is coming up so all tips wanted :) Good luck and thank you :)

  3. What a fab giveaway. My son is getting too big for a stroller but still needs a ride most places. We really need a SmarTrike to make the school run easier on little legs.

  4. Love your site…just been here and its awesome! I’ve never read a blog/review by a dad before. you are doing a great job! And what a fantastic giveaway! My 2 year old would absolutely love this! Thanks for the chance. Got everything crossed for this fantastic trike.

    • Al Ferguson on

      Ah, thanks so much for your comment! That’s so nice. You’re welcome! Have you joined The Dad List?

    • Al Ferguson on

      Thank you so much. We are on FB, Twitter and Instagram too :) We run a lot of competitions so I hope to see you again on here :)
      Good luck :)

  5. Helen Brooks on

    What a great prize! Ted looks like he’s loving it! Would love one for Stanley. Keep up the great work… the Facebook page and getting my mails with the offers and articles. I’ve just posted in yoir breastfeeding post…..hope you like it!

  6. Such a great site. Good to hear from a dads point a view not a lot of sites have that. Thanks for the chance of winning this great prize as well would be great for the wee man

  7. Julie Edwards on

    would love to win for my granddaughter she has not longed turned one and would love this so much thanks for the opportunity

  8. I LOVE this giveaway. I was asking you about this trike on Insta and I’m sold! I’m getting one for baby girl for her first birthday. It would be fabulous to win one tho :)

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